Our cognitive capacity is quite significantly dependent on blood supply to the brain. Since our brain requires a lot of oxygen and nutrients, it is equipped with a dense network of fine blood vessels. Even the slightest deposits can significantly hinder blood flow and thus the supply. Age-related circulation problems are the main cause of gradually dwindling brain function. Not only the memory suffers from this, but also other brain functions such as learning ability and the capacity to concentrate.

Activity keeps you fit – and that also applies to your head. For that reason you should regularly challenge your brain.

That can be easily done in everyday life – instead of watching television, turn to reading a book or solving a puzzle. Volunteer work, learning a foreign language, quiz games or Scrabble help keep your brain active. The main thing is that the brain training is always as varied and as much fun as possible!

Non-prescription products:

Ginkgo-Maren® – high quality at a fair price.

Only carefully selected ginkgo biloba leaves are used for the dry extract in Ginkgo-­Maren®. Both the production of the extract and the manufacture of the finished medication are subject to constant, strict controls. This guarantees the consistent quality of Ginkgo-­Maren®.

Ginkgo-Maren® 120 mg Film-Coated Tablets
  • Active ingredient: Ginkgo biloba leaf dry extract
  • Effective and well tolerated
  • Natural drive for the brain
  • Dose: 2 x daily 1/2 to 1 film-coated tablet (120 up to 240mg of Ginkgo extract)
  • Package sizes: 30, 60 and 120 film-coated tablets
  • PZN: 09206631, 09206654, 09206677
  • Pharmacy only
  • Package leaflet
  • Ginkgo-Maren® 120 mg Film-coated tablets. Available only in pharmacies. Active substance: Ginkgo biloba leaves dry extract. Indication: For symptomatic treatment of brain-related performance disorders within the context of a complete concept with the reduction or loss of acquired mental abilities (dementia) with primary symptoms being memory disorders, concentration disorders, depressive disorder, dizziness, tinnitus, headache. The individual response to the medication cannot be predicted. Before treatment with Ginkgo-Maren® is started, it should be clarified whether the symptoms are not caused by a disease that should be specially treated. Note: Contains lactose und glucose. Updated: 01/16-1.